R.D. Hughes Farm

R.D. Hughes Farm


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The R.D. Hughes Farm is in multiple tracts located in 4 primary locations in north Mississippi County, Arkansas. We call them Burdette, Clearlake, Highway 12, Big Lake and Driver. The Burdette Tract totals 879.32 cultivated acres. Burdette has approximately 500 acres irrigated by 4 pivots, approximately 260 acres are precision leveled, and the balance is in non-irrigated pivot corners. The pivot irrigated acres appear to be reasonably flat and have the potential to be precision leveled. The farm has a history of growing cotton, corn, and soybeans. The Clearlake Tract totals 307.86 cultivated acres. Approximately 140 acres are irrigated by a pivot with the balance being non irrigated. The Highway 312 Tract is 75.61 cultivated acres. It is non irrigated made up of Class III and IV soils. The Big Lake Tracts are in three parcels. The North Parcel contains 739 acres. Approximately 360 acres are precision leveled, 125 are irrigated by a pivot, and 200 are irrigated by a towable pivot that is co-owned with the neighbors. Big Lake Middle Parcel contains 457 cultivated acres of which approximately 100 acres are precision leveled, approximately 250 are irrigated by 2 pivots and the balance is in 2 small non irrigated fields and pivot corners. All appear to be able to be feasibly leveled. The Driver Tract is 197 cultivated acres. 117 acres are irrigated by a center pivot, with the balance non irrigated. The farm consists of Class III silty clay soils has been growing cotton, corn and soybeans. The Grain Bins tract includes a separate headquarters site. The site is improved with a 240,000-bushel grain storage facility with 6 – 40,000- bushel GSI bins constructed by Valley View Grain Systems. It is operated on a loop system and has a wet bin and high capacity corn dryer. There are also two tractor sheds and a metal shop.


All the Tracts are located in Mississippi County, Arkansas. The Burdette Tract is 2 miles east of Burdette and 6 miles south of Blytheville, Arkansas. It has good access by multiple county gravel roads. Clearlake is located 2.5 miles south of Blytheville on County Rd. 743. The Highway 312 tract is located on State Highway 312, 3.5 miles south of Blytheville. The Big Lake Tracts are all located about 2 miles west of Gosnell and 4 miles west of Blytheville. The north tract has Highway 181 as the southern boundary and County Road 511 near the northern line. The Big Lake Mid tract is split north and south by McGaughey Road. The Big Lake South Tract is bordered to the north by East County Road 122. The Driver Tract is located 2 miles south of Gosnell and 3 miles west of Blytheville on County Rd 583.


Tracts are rented to multiple farmers on share lease agreements. Lease terms available upon request.


Burdette soils are 60.3% Sharkey Steele Complex, 16.6% Steele loamy sand, and 12.5% Tunica silty clay. Clearlake is approximately 43.1% Crowley silt loam, and 31.1% Dundee silt loam. Highway 312 is approximately 50% Amagon sandy loam, and 50% Sharkey silty clay.
The Big Lake Tracts are all nearly 100% Sharkey-Steele complex. The Driver Tract is Amagon sandy loam, Steele silty clay loam, and Routon-Dundee-Crevasse complex.


There is a 240,000-bushel grain storage facility with two tractor sheds and shop.

Sales Price:

Burdette $5,250 per cultivated acre
Grain Bins $600,000
Clearlake $5,250 per cultivated acre
Highway 312 $4,250 per cultivated acre
Big Lake North $5,228 per cultivated acre
Big Lake Mid $4,750 per cultivated acre
Driver $4,850 per cultivated acre


At closing subject to leases.


By appointment only. For appointment please contact.

Gwin Smith or Shelby Smith
Rutledge Investment Company
Rainer Realty Company
5160 Sanderlin Avenue
Suite One
Memphis, Tennessee 38117

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