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Real Estate Brokerage

The Farmland Group, LLC’s agents, Gwin, and Shelby Smith, have handled over $400 million in farm sales across the mid-south during recent years. Gwin, Shelby, and Ryan are all licensed agents, and can assist clients across five states: Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Their real estate brokerage business has grown significantly in the last 15 years, as clients have sought their expertise in a variety of additional areas that they now formally offer services.


We also offer consulting for our farm and recreational clients. Through our experience in appraisals, brokerage, lending, and management, we have the tools in place to help clients meet their farm goals. For the past few years Ryan has been assisting recreational landowners creating property management plans for duck and deer hunting properties.


Over the years Gwin and Shelby have managed farms for themselves and absentee landowners. Management services include managing tenants, leasing property, and improving farms. The goal is not only to maximize annual income, but also increase the value of the land.


Through the Farmland Groups sister company, Rutledge Investment Company, Gwin, and Shelby have been originating mortgage loans for their entire careers. They currently have a mortgage portfolio of several hundred million in long term fixed rate farm and recreational mortgages. They have several lenders ranging from Insurance Companies to Farm Credit Associations, to private equity. Rutledge Investment Lending


Rutledge Investment Company has been appraising property and consulting on real estate since 1986. We offer a wide range of appraisal services in a large market area. Chief Appraiser, Rebecca Phillips, is certified in Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Rutledge Investment Appraisals